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Innovation at Riscure

At Riscure, our commitment to innovation is what sets us apart, and our dedication to staying ahead of the game is unwavering. We firmly believe in fostering an environment that cultivates cutting-edge research and development, and our close relationship with the scientific community is at the heart of our innovation journey. Our investment in emerging talent and commitment to sharing knowledge are the pillars that keep us at the forefront of the cybersecurity field.

Connecting business and academia

The device security landscape is constantly changing, and the brightest minds in academia play a crucial role in driving these changes. We have established strong ties with leading universities and research institutions around the world. Our collaborative efforts with researchers, professors, and students create a powerful synergy that drives innovation forward. We supply state-of-the-art testing equipment and partner on research projects and academic curricula.

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Collaborating for a safer world

Our partnerships with government institutions allow us to provide critical support in safeguarding national and international interests. Additionally, our active participation in various consortiums enables us to stay informed, share insights, and work collectively towards a safer digital world.

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Meet with us during upcoming events and conferences

Riscure actively participates in key industry events and presents during conferences all year round. We provide in-depth insights into the latest trends, vulnerabilities, and solutions in the world of device security.

Learn more from our publications and webinars

Innovation thrives on sharing knowledge, and we are proud to release new scientific publications on a regular basis. Additionally, we host online events (webinars), where you can dive deeper into a certain topic and learn directly from our experts.

Riscure Workshop 2023

The 16th Riscure Workshop is complete! Revisit our key presentations and download the slides of this year. Stay tuned for next year’s edition, and learn about device security with the world’s best experts.

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Riscure key contributor to EU Horizon 2020 project REASSURE

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