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Riscure employees strive to learn about the latest developments in the industry and share their expertise with others. To keep on track with all the events that we host ourselves, as well as external events where we are present, check out the upcoming and past events with Riscure on this page. Meet with us offline and virtually!

Upcoming Events

Find below all the upcoming events where you can find Riscurians. If you have questions about Riscure’s participation and role at these events, feel free to contact us at inforequest@riscure.com.

Riscure User Workshop 2023: Austin Edition

At these workshops, attendees get a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the industry, the news and updates on Riscure Security Tools, personal connection with the Riscure team, and hands-on experience with our tools.

Revolutionizing Security Testing: Dynamic fuzzing and FI simulation with Riscure True Code

This new release will make it even easier for developers and security experts to assess the security of their code and identify any potential vulnerabilities. With the growing importance of software security, True Code is once again setting the standard for innovative solutions. Don’t miss out on this exciting update! Join us for a webinar on March 21st at 5pm CET (11am EST) to learn more about the new features and capabilities of True Code. To register just fill in the form below.

GOMACTech 2023

Riscure is sponsoring the upcoming GOMACTech 2023, which takes place on March 20-23 in San Diego, CA. Meet with us at the conference to discuss the role of Riscure in security testing. 

Blue Hat Israel

Our team will be traveling to Tel Aviv to attend Blue Hat Israel on March 29-30. What role do Riscure tools play in security testing? Meet with us to learn more.


Riscure is attending COSADE 2023 on April 3-4 in Munich. At the conference, Riscure’s CEO Marc Witteman is going to present on “Riscure vision on Post Quantum Cryptography”. Join us at the conference by following the link below.

Past events

Did you miss the event that Riscure was attending? Some of these events were recorded and you can watch them online any time! Can’t find the event that you were looking for? Reach out to us at inforequest@riscure.com and we will help you.

Riscure talks about Pre-Silicon security

Join Riscure experts in the webinar on Pre-Silicon security. Riscure believes that this ‘virtual testing’ is destined to become as important as traditional ‘post-silicon’ security evaluation. Even with Riscure Inspector and Riscure True Code, we recognize that there are other stages in the design process that need coverage.

Solving the Fuzzing problem the Right way! True Code 2022.1 Release Webinar

Join Fred de Beer, Principle Developer, to discover how the new True Code was built. Erwin in ‘t Veld, Product Manager, will explain the new benefits of True Code. Melissa Elliot, Security Analyst, will discuss the benefits of using True Code from a testing point of view.

Know your product to ensure its security: join the webinar

Join Riscure experts online in a panel discussion about the key considerations of secure development.

Fast & Curious: the Riscure way

Join Riscure Academy to learn how we have updated Riscure Academy to address the challenge of skilling up the development team

Virtual Student Event

Are you a student at the security-related program at the university? Are you interested in joining the international leading security lab? Riscure invites students to join the virtual event. During the 2.5 hours, you will meet the security experts who will give you a sneak peek into the security industry, how the theory meets the practice, as well as provide some insight details into security topics.

Secure Coding Explained

Join Riscure in the series of free virtual events dedicated to Secure Coding topics. The series consists of three separate webinars about Secure Coding and Fault Injection covering theory, real-life examples of attacks, and a demonstration of Riscure products.

Fault Injection Crash Course

This crash course includes Riscure’s expertise on global innovations and practices in the area of Fault Injection, IoT protection, security of embedded systems. Using our market leading hardware and software products, we provide the in-depth knowledge and demonstrate our tools.

Riscure Hybrid Workshop 2020

Riscure Workshop is the annual event by Riscure, the leading provider of connected device security tools, services, and training. Learn more about the latest developments in embedded and hardware security with the leading security lab!

Screaming Channels

In this webcast, Giovanni Camurati from EURECOM covers the topic of the novel side-channel vector “Screaming Channels,” which happens when TEMPEST attacks meet side-channel and wireless security.

Hardware Security Threats

Join Riscure and Alec Summers from MITRE in the discussion of their view on the risks and updates on the CWE hardware database

Security for the Second Wave of Semiconductor Live Panel

Join Riscure in Partnership with Tortuga Logic and Micron to compile the best in the business for a discussion to address the Hardware Security Development Lifecycle from Pre to Post-Silicon.

GOMACTech 2021

If you weren’t able to explore our Virtual Education Hub yet, click the link to discover how to use Riscure’s tools for performing (or defending against) Black-box Evaluations, Side Channel Analysis implementations, Differential Fault Analysis methods, and more.

Embedded World 2021

Learn more about the value of high-level security certifications in the IoT market at the Embedded World 2021 roundtable of Bernie Rietkerken, Sr. Sales and Business Development Manager at Riscure, and Mike Dow, Sr. Product Manager – IoT Security, from Silicon Labs.

Black Box Evaluations

In this webcast Riscure team demonstrates how to conduct black box evaluations, which are in fact possible with limited or zero knowledge of device features. Discover common methods for these evaluations founded on the cutting-edge research.

The “Art of Academia” Webinar

New academic research is frequently being published in the domain of Side Channel Analysis (SCA/DPA) and Fault Injection (FI/FIA), both of which are our specialty! In this Riscure webinar, our experts and guest speakers discuss cutting-edge academic research in the security industry.

Hardware Security - Back to the future

Would you like to know more about the most common hardware security threats and how to address them? Join our Vice President of Global Services Sales and Business Development, Pascal van Gimst, at the 2021 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems, and Applications.

New Automotive Regulation Fireside Chat: What it really means for the industry

In this fire chat Riscure’s Jasmina Omic, Pruct Manager of Services and Andrew Till, Trustonic’s General Manager of Automotive discuss the complexity of certifications in the Automotive industry. They also share practical advice and insights.

Glitching the KeepKey hardware wallet

KeepKey is a hardware wallet based on STM32F205 MCU which is used to protect private keys of multiple cryptocurrencies. The signing operations are protected by the PIN implemented on the device and no one without PIN, even with physical access to the device, is supposed to be able to use the device. Fault attacks rely on the weakness of hardware and allow an attacker, who got access to the device (stolen device) to bypass the security features. In this article we show an attack on unmodified KeepKey hardware wallet, by using electro-magnetic fault injection.

Understanding black-box internals

The speaker introduces a novel approach to deep exploration of black-box targets such as embedded devices by means of power analysis. The method does not require profiling and allows a researcher to identify unique execution paths of the software, reveal the device, and detect vulnerabilities. The first couple of minutes are not in English, but the translation will start shortly after the start.