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5G Security Evaluation

Improve the security of your 5G solutions, create and deploy security test equipment with Riscure, the leading vendor of embedded security testing services and products.

Mobile ticketing and payment in transit

Evaluate and protect your Mobile ticketing solution by Riscure, the security lab with excellent performance, flexibility and experience.

Cryptocurrency Security

Evaluate and protect your Cryptocurrency storage solution by Riscure, the lab with excellent performance, flexibility and experience.

Mobile Banking Security

Efficient evaluation of mobile banking solutions in line with the highest standards of the industry.

Device security evaluation for DRMs, MovieLabs and MSO

Mitigate the security risks and evaluate the potential impact of a security breach on your device, back-end system, and a business model.

Platform / Chipset Security Evaluation

Secure your product throughout your development cycle.

Security of DRM

Riscure is a preferred partner for GlobalPlatform evaluation and certification

Riscure Assurance for Premium Content

Bringing confidence to the Content Protection market.

Security Services for Automotive

We help automotive developers around the world secure their solutions during development and production stages.

Security for Multiple Service Operators

Increase security robustness for network Customer Premisses Equipment (CPE).

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