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Riscure Workshop 2023

The 16th Riscure Workshop is complete! On this page, you can revisit our key presentations and download the slides of this year. Stay tuned for next year’s edition!

Riscure Workshop 2023: Date and Location

On November 2nd, we successfully concluded our 16th Riscure User Workshop, which took us to 9 different cities, including Mountain View, Washington, Beijing, Shanghai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Prague, Seoul, and Tokyo. We thank everyone who has attended, and we’re looking forward to seeing you next year.

What is the Riscure User Workshop?

Our goal is to meet with current and future customers of our Inspector and True Code products range. We will share the latest developments in Pre- and Post-Silicon security, demo our new tools and talk about the most recent research advancements. You will also have a chance to get in contact with colleagues from various industries, specializing in embedded hardware and software.

Dates and Locations

Riscure Workshop is an in-person event. We have completed the 2023 schedule, so stay tuned for next year’s workshop announcement.

  • Tuesday August 15th – The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California
  • Thursday August 17th – Hilton Washington Dulles Airport, Herdon, Virginia
  • Friday September 15th – Prague (following CHES from 10-14 September)
  • Tuesday October 10th – Shaza Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Tuesday October 31st – Lotte World Hotel, Seoul, South Korea
  • Thursday November 2nd – Tokyo, Japan

Riscure Workshop 2023 – 16th Edition

This year’s workshop covered a wide range of topics, including Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), Pre-Silicon Inspector tooling, the introduction of new hardware like the Clock Glitcher and Glitch Needle, as well as Inspector’s integration of Java with Python and advancements in automation and flexibility.

We are pleased to announce that all presentation slides are now available for download, and video recordings of the sessions, complete with audio and English captions, are also accessible for a recap. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or require further information. We eagerly await your inquiries and engagement.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction – Discover the Riscure Workshop and get a sneak peak into what it’s like.
  • What’s Hot – What’s Happened: Gain valuable insights into the intriguing stories and notable events that have shaped the security landscape this year.
  • Fuzzing Embedded Code (Including Demo): Gain valuable insights into the process of systematically injecting invalid or unexpected inputs into software to uncover vulnerabilities, with a live demonstration showcasing the effectiveness of this technique in identifying potential security weaknesses in embedded code.
  • Non-invasive Voltage Fault Injection Demo (Smart Phone attack explained) – In this demo, we will perform a VFI attack on target device without removing any component and cutting any core powerlines.
  • Pre-Silicon for Fault Injection: Learn about our recent developments in Pre-Silicon for Fault Injection and discover how you can fortify the security of your chip during the design phase.
  • Product Demos:
    • Clock Glitcher: An ‘old’ test method for Smart Cards re-invented. A solution to conduct Clock Glitching attacks will be discussed.
    • New Inspector Version: Linux and Python version with new current probe.
  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone Glitching – IOActive Drone Attack Explained: We’ll delve into the emerging threat of electromagnetic fault injection attacks against drones, emphasizing the vulnerabilities and potential consequences of such attacks.
  • Product Roadmap: Stay informed about our latest releases and roadmap for Inspector and True Code.
  • Research at Riscure: We will share details on the latest research projects underway at Riscure.
Stay tuned for the next edition of the Riscure Workshop, TBA in 2024.

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