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Media and Multiple service operators

As the leading lab with more than a decade of experience in the media and MSO device market, Riscure is a unique partner for the market security needs. Riscure covers security evaluations of various devices used to deliver multiple services such as: routers, modems, smart TVs and STBs. With expertise ranging from general device security (OS, network and boot process) to chipset and hardware security, TEE, whiteboxes, Riscure can answer all of your security concerns regarding device security. Riscure is recognized as a security expert by CAS vendors (Nagra, Irdeto,  Verimatrix, Viaccess-Orca, Synamedia and GS(Cyfra)), DRM vendors and schemes (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, ChinaDRM) as well as many Pay-TVoperators and Telcos.

Multiple service operators (MSO)

For Multiple Service Operators who would like to mitigate the overall risk and potential impact of the device on the backend systems or their media services, Riscure offers tailored expert security evaluations.

Assessment of risk for remote bricking, compromise of subscription services, upgrade without paying,  reputational damage, DRM liability or Movielabs Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) requirements breaking are provided. There is no alternative in the Media and MSO market that can deliver the years of experience and expertise in the security field of embedded devices.

  • Movielabs ECP compliant evaluations of DRM, with MSPR, Widevine
  • Network interface testing. Modems, gateways, televisions and mobiles alike.
  • Chipset and Set-top evaluation for conditional access, Nagra, etc.

Device security evaluation for DRMs, MovieLabs and MSO

Services are tailored for device manufactures of TV’s, tablets, dongles, modems who would like to provide assurance to service providers and reduce risk and liability with respect to Movielabs Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) and DRM requirements (PlayReady, Widevine) and operators such as Amazon.

With great working relationship with multiple risk owners of the market that set the security standard, Riscure is uniquely positioned to provide the best security assessment services.

  • Movielabs ECPcompliant evaluations of DRM, with MSPR, Widevine
  • Network interface testing. Modems, gateways, televisions and mobiles alike.
  • OEM SW stack evaluation, e.g. FSBL/SSBL, Rescue loader, runtime environment

Platform / Chipset security evaluation

For chip-set manufacturers in the content protection market who would like to become accredited by DRM schemes such as PlayReady, Amazon, ChinaDRM or CAS vendors such as NAGRA, Irdeto, Verimatrix, Viaccess-Orca, Synamedia and GS(Cyfra) Riscure provides a comprehensive generic chipset security evaluation which is in-line with DRM schemes and CAS vendor requirements.

We have also developed Riscure Assurance for Premium Content (RAPC) program to better support the needs of various market actors in the TEE evaluation domain. Our RAPC security evaluation is a single evaluation that can be used for multiple schemes in the Media market. Thanks to Riscure position with different DRM schemes, CAS, this service is the unique offering in the market.

  • Chipset evaluations DRM products, TV’s, tablets, mobiles, based on MovieLabs
  • Chipset evaluations for conditional access
  • TEE and secure SW evaluation

Security of DRM

For vendors implementing DRM solutions who would like to manage liability and be recognized by DRM schemes such as PlayReady, Widevine or ChinaDRM, Riscure provides security evaluation of both software based as well as TEE based solutions.

Riscure is accredited by Microsoft for PlayReady SL 3000 evaluations, and the partner of choice for ChinaDRM. Riscure supports chipset vendors who implement the base of DRM solutions in their TEE implementations.

  • Movielabs ECP compliant evaluations of DRM, with MSPR, Widevine
  • The partner of choice for ChinaDRM
  • A single evaluation supported by our program RAPC that can be used for multiple schemes in the Media market


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