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Riscure True Code

Riscure True Code is a tool that helps development teams efficiently deliver secure code by automating vulnerability identification and mitigation processes. True Code enables natural collaboration between security evaluators and the development team to discover vulnerabilities as early as possible and resolve issues with better efficiency. Leverage years of experience in connected device security to prevent hacks that bring down customer trust, cause revenue loss and costly mitigations after the product release with software evaluation.

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Automating security evaluation

Up until now the process of software evaluation was a manual task with corresponding high costs and long lead times. It is also quite common that an evaluation takes place at the end of the development cycle causing higher costs to resolve issues opposed to when issues would have been found in the development phase. Finding vulnerabilities and issues during the development phase and immediately resolving them can be up to a 100 times cheaper compared to doing the same later in the process. Riscure True Code brings this promise within reach through a tight integration in the development, sharing discovered vulnerabilities instantly with all team members. Riscure True Code integrates tightly with the development environment that is used by your team and integrates with any other SLD tools to automate as much as possible.

Key features

Save costs and reduce time to market

Riscure True Code enables you do discover security vulnerabilities during the development stage. Next to the automated checks that can be executed on a daily basis, True Code also facilitates collaboration with security experts in the development phase. The result is reduced development and certification costs.

Fault injection vulnerability checks

Fault injection proves to be a method that is used often by attackers. True Code indicates specific vulnerabilities in source code related to fault injection

A dedicated security tool

Many static code analysis products in the market focus on a lot of things that might be of interest for a development team. True code is focused on security and is developed by a team with an outstanding track record in code evaluations and security expertise.

Streamlined and simplified reporting

True Code keeps track of all found issues and progress with regard to solving them in a database. Automatically generated reports help save valuable time from the evaluation team that instead can focus on security issues.

IDE integration and standalone operation

Riscure True Code can be integrated in Eclipse IDE, but can also be used as a standalone tool, in combination with a development environment of your choice.

Software code

Software vulnerability cost calculator

Most software contains security vulnerabilities after development completes. But you can fix those problems at testing or in the field right?
Did you know the costs of vulnerabilities increase exponentially as you progress SDLC stages? Research from leading institutions has indicated that it is far better to catch problems early in development rather than late. While you cannot avoid all problems, applying the right tooling (to support more robust secure development), timely collaboration with experts (for architecture or code review) and training your development team in good security practices can save you millions.

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