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Payment security is paramount for every cardholder, financial institution or merchant that handle, processes or transmits payment data.

To achieve solution certification, Riscure as a fully accredited security laboratory, offers a wide range of security testing, certification and advisory services addressing the payment industry security needs.

Both for smart card based solutions as well as mobile payment and mobile terminal solutions Riscure supports its clients with EMVCo SE, EMVCo SBMP, PCI and international and domestic Card Brand certification needs.

As the leading security laboratory in embedded and mobile security, Riscure is the industry recognized security expert ensuring our customers get best in class service.


Riscure is fully accredited by the EMVCo to perform various evaluations covering both Smartcard solutions and Software Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) solutions.

This includes:

Additionally, all major payment scheme like VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Cartes Bancaires accredit Riscure to conduct ICC evaluations.

  • HCE SDK, Wallet, OEM Pay solutions, Wearables, Software Protection Tools, Trusted Execution Environments, CDCVMs.

Additionally, all major payment schemes like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, MIR, Bancontact Payconic and Cartes Bancaires accredited Riscure to conduct mobile payment evaluations.

All the offers are aided by developer support services seamlessly integrated in any development stages. These developer support services include gap analysis, readiness program preparation as well as pre-certification support such as pre-evaluation, pre-testing and security evaluation tools and training.


Riscure is a fully accredited PCI SSC Security Laboratory and supports its customers with Mobile Payments on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (MPoC) certification services. The PCI MPoC standard integrates the existing use cases from the CPoC and SPoC standards, and also adds new payment functionality and new ways of certification. 

Riscure also supports its customers gaining solution approval of their Tap-to-Phone with PIN solutions for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, MIR, Bancontact Payconic and others.

All the offers are aided by pre-certification support such as pre-evaluation, gap-analysis, pre-testing and training related to mobile security and certification topics.


Next to the certification related activities already mentioned, Riscure supports solution developers and end-users with its leading security expertise on a variety of security needs in the payment industry including Mobile Banking application security, Cryptocurrency walletsMobile Ticketing solutions and Mobile Authentication solutions.


Riscure provides various tools to support secure development

Riscure Academy

At Riscure Academy your development team can advance their secure development skills


Riscure support development and certification in Payment industry

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