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Art of Academia Security Webinar

Tune into our Art of Academia Webinar, live on February 25th!

Every year more than 250 papers are published in the domain of Side Channel Analysis (SCA/DPA) and Fault Injection (FI/FIA), both of which are our specialty! With an immense amount of research, it’s vital to position experts in Academia front and center. Lucky for you, our team’s here to help showcase not only what universities across the world have to offer, but also what the industry can bring to the classroom.

Riscure kindly invites academic professors, companies, students, and all those interested in cutting-edge academic research to attend our webinar on the “Art of Academia” on February 25th. Tune into our ON24 platform today for immediate access to a playlist of videos, as well as the option to listen live and explore the latest in embedded security in more detail.

Hope to see you there!

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  • Secure development advisory

    Services, tools and training to help development teams working on Embedded systems and IoT projects achieve the desired security robustness for their products.

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  • Security Test Services

    Whether you need to assess or improve the security of your product to gain a competitive advantage or meet the requirements of a security scheme, we can serve your needs.

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  • Security Test Tools

    Market-leading, professional tooling and software to analyze, diagnose and improve all security aspects of your semiconductor, embedded systems or IoT device solution.

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  • Security Training

    Actionable and indispensable knowledge of security in Embedded Systems and IoT devices. Training on hardware and software security in a classroom setting, online or hosted in your own knowledge program.

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Security Training

Fault Injection for Software Developers

This is the first fault injection course created specifically for software developers who want to harden their code. During this training, you will find out how fault injection attacks affect your solution and assess security critical code. Furthermore, we will share our expertise in the creation of cost-effective remediation plans. This training is aimed at software developers. To benefit from the training, experience with C/C++ programming is recommended.

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