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Riscure Academy presents SESIP & PSA Certified Training Program

Author: Riscure Team

Sign up for a training on the fundamentals of SESIP & PSA Certified. Learn about the evaluation requirements and equip your team for success.

Riscure Academy announces a new training program to empower your team to master SESIP and PSA Certified. Whether you are a developer, evaluator, or manager, this training provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to support a successful evaluation process. The SESIP & PSA Certified training covers the key topics to ensure participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the evaluation process:

  • SESIP & PSA Certified requirements
  • Types of protection profiles
  • Certification process and lifecycle
  • Assurance classes and testing
  • Security characteristics and challenges

From smart home appliances to industrial sensors, IoT devices collect and transmit sensitive data, making them prime targets for cyber threats. As a result, organizations face heightened risks of data breaches, system compromises, and operational disruptions. SESIP and PSA Certified schemes offer a simple yet comprehensive approach to demonstrate the security of your IoT product to the market. By aligning with these standards, organizations can proactively identify and address vulnerabilities.

The evaluation process for SESIP and PSA Certified can be complex, involving various requirements, assurance classes, and testing methodologies. Without proper guidance, teams may struggle to navigate this complexity, leading to costly delays and errors. This training program simplifies the certification process, breaking down key concepts and providing practical guidance to facilitate smoother and more efficient evaluations. The training program ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and adequately prepared to fulfill their roles.

Riscure is accredited lab under the SESIP and PSA Certified programmes, and we are dedicated to helping our customers to certify their products, gain market recognition and improve the security of their products. In addition to our service offerings for SESIP and PSA Certified evaluations, this training provides participants with the essential knowledge to navigate the process with confidence.

Read more about the training program here.

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