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Security is paramount to safeguarding your organization’s valuable assets. The best way we know how is through people and their knowledge and skills. Riscure Academy exists to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure their devices and systems and protect against malicious threats. In-house and partner security experts develop and support a comprehensive portfolio of security training programs, from fundamental to advanced topics, all rooted in Riscure’s real-world experience. Through our training platform our team helps drive a seamless blended learning experience, combining online training with practical exercise and expert support.

Improve security competence and empower your team to proactively tackle security challenges with a tailored and engaging training approach.

Key Benefits

  • Industry leading expertise: Leverage training based on real-world experience, developed and supported by hardened security professionals with broad and deep industry exposure.
  • Flexible approach to fit your organization: Choose between autonomous self-paced learning or guided expert-led delivery, with tailored curriculums designed for diverse audiences, from fundamental to advance training.
  • Practical training for high engagement: Our interactive, practical approach to training provides your team with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • Training platform & continuous support: We invest in people, technology, and processes to forge a lasting partnership with your organization, providing continuous guidance and support to ensure the success of your security initiatives.


Every organization is different and Riscure Academy offers multiple approaches to learning depending on the needs and goals of your team.


Best suited for the teams that want to have autonomy over the learning process of their team. With this format, participants get access to the LMS platform and can follow the training online at the speed suited for them. This format also works best for individual learners from companies.


This format is a group-based individual training for your company. During these courses, your team comes together to learn follow a track in a specific time-frame. We offer expert-led training both in a hybrid form and classroom.

Open Training

This format is join together participants from different organizations in a group of max 12 people. During the classroom training in Delft, the Netherlands, you get to learn theory, practice, and hands-on experience in a diverse environment. Open Training is only available for Essential FI and Essential SCA courses.


Our courses cover a broad range of topics, from fundamentals knowledge to advanced techniques, catering to different levels of expertise.

SESIP & PSA Certified Training

SESIP & PSA Certified Training

A one-day program tuned to your context, audience, and timelines, designed to help both developers and evaluators streamline the SESIP & PSA certification process.
Common Criteria for Developers & Evaluators

Common Criteria for Developers & Evaluators

A multi-day program tuned to your context, audience, and timelines, designed to help both developers and evaluators streamline the Common Criteria certification process.
Embedded System Security

Embedded System Security

An introductory training for implementing security for embedded systems with Riscuberry hardware hacking toolkit.

Sign up for our PCI MPoC Workshop

An online interactive workshop introducing the PCI MPoC standard recommended to everyone getting started with MPoC. Understand the scope and general requirements before committing to certification and avoid common pitfalls.

Get Started Today

Don’t let your organization’s embedded systems become an easy target. Invest in the security and success of your business by partnering with Riscure Academy. Contact us today to discuss your training needs and explore our approach. Together, we’ll empower your team to secure your organization’s future.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you do individual training?

Individual training is available for self-enrollers within enterprises, but we do not training for individuals outside of organizations. For individuals we recommend Self-Paced or Open training. If you are unsure, please get in touch by filling in the form below.

What is the minimum group size for your expert-led training program?
Minimum of 5 participants is required for our expert-led hybrid and classroom programs.
Are your programs delivered online or as classroom ?
Our training courses are delivered in various formats depending on the need and the subject matter. Programs can be deployed as online self-paced training, hybrid courses with expert-led sessions, or classroom-based instruction at Riscure facilities or the
customer's location. Our online programs blend self-paced e-learning, exercises, assessments, and in certain cases expert-sessions (like Q&A webinars or Group Exercises) with Riscure experts.
When can we start with the training/ what do the training schedules look like?

We do not have pre-defined dates for our training sessions. Instead, we aim to accommodate your preferred start time and schedule the spacing of training and relevant sessions accordingly. To ensure a seamless scheduling process, please provide advance notice of 3-4 weeks for our online group programs and 6-8 weeks for classroom programs, as this allows us to secure our trainers' availability. For online training by individuals (self-paced) any enrollment will be facilitated within days or weeks, depending on the level of integration with the customer training platform or HR system. For Open Training schedules, please, contact us by filling in the form below.

Does customer have access to the training materials after the program?
Participants in self-paced training have 180 days from enrollment to complete the courses, exercises, and tests, to receive their certificate of completion. After 180 days, they will still have access to the course materials, but they can’t receive the certificate any longer.
For expert-led group training, including online/hybrid and classroom formats, access to relevant training materials remains available after the training period. The formal training schedule with deadlines is coordinated between Riscure and the customer.

Riscure Academy

Actionable and indispensable knowledge of security in Embedded Systems and IoT devices. Training on hardware and software security in a classroom setting, online or hosted in your own knowledge program.

20 Years Experience

Tap into our two decades of experience in fortifying embedded devices. As industry leaders in security, we're committed to equipping you with the knowledge needed to secure the connected world.

Support Portal

Tutorials, manuals, FAQ, release notes, software updates, issue tracking and much more can be found on our support portal. Please sign up and login at: https://support.riscure.com/

An annual user workshop

We organize two-day user workshop where we will present the latest developments in side channel analysis and fault injection testing and provide practical tips. The User Workshop is free of charge to Riscure Inspector subscribers or legacy Support Contract holders.

Dedicated support

We have a full-time support team to help with any issues you might face while doing your work. Our skilled people will try to get you back on track as fast as possible.

For technical assistance call +31 (0) 15251 4090 or visit our support portal
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