Security services for embedded and connected devices

A world leading team of security analysts at your disposal for secure development support, testing and evaluation.

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Offering secure development support, evaluation and certification services

Riscure analysts are renowned for their outstanding diagnostic contribution to understanding where and how security vulnerabilities might impact the robustness of a proposed architecture or solution.  As a result, major customers recognize us for our substantive contribution to enable them to deliver security by design and improve the robustness result of their hardware and software.

Our accreditation across several schemes allows us to provide security evaluation services to achieve relevant certification (depending on the market), but it of course also helps us help you prepare properly in your development to ensure you can pass desired certifications successfully.

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Secure Development Fast Track

The objective of SecFAST (Secure Development Fast Track) is to shorten the development timeline while yielding more secure products and enhancing certification certainty by taking out timeline and security risks. The SecFAST approach, already proven by some of our lead customers over the past years enables you to deliver more secure product which still meets your time to market objectives.

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Security evaluation services

Over 15 years experience in security evaluation of hardware and software for embedded systems
Test techniques and areas

What else do we test? Which test techniques do we apply regularly?

As a leading security test lab, we not only provide services related to important certification standards. As a result of our R&D we are able to guide many of our customers in new and emerging security challenges, as well as at the infancy of scheme creation and standard setting. Of course, our R&D focuses on device related hardware and software.

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By having razorsharp focus on finding vulnerabilities associated with a broad range of attack methods, we allow you to focus your obfuscation and hardening measures exactly where you might be vulnerable, as opposed to designing or programming generic measures across the board. More often than not, this saves you development time and for sure drives more certainty if you are preparing for a level of security certification.

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