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Internships at Riscure

Riscure is among the world’s leading security testing experts providing security evaluation, test lab solutions and test equipment against vulnerabilities in software, chip technology, and embedded/connected devices. Our creative, young, and growing 170+ team collaborate with top international clients and leading companies on high-end technical projects from our offices in Delft (The Netherlands), San Francisco (USA) and Shanghai (China).

“Riscure provided exceptional support throughout my research by offering access to cutting-edge tools, methodologies, and resources.”

“It’s a vibrant environment where research is held in high regard alongside project work.”

“We particularly value the relevance of the work we do such as, in our case, post-quantum cryptography.”

“Riscure is an ideal choice for those eager to delve deep into hardware attacks, including Fault Injection and Side-Channel Analysis.”

“The most memorable part was the first time I managed to extract the key from the target board.”

“Throughout the application process, I felt confident about Riscure, particularly after seeing the team and experiencing the company culture.”

Proactively taking ownership

We are proactive in our work; we take responsibility for our customers’ satisfaction; we improve continuously, both professionally and personally.

Open to share knowledge

We share knowledge responsibly; we listen to each other and our customers.

Everyone feels at home

We can be ourselves; we are playful and like to surprise each other; we are respectful.

Maximize our creative potential

We like being challenged; we are curious; we encourage innovation.

Fostering innovation in academia

We value our ties with the scientific community, and we’ve established strong relationships with various universities over the last few years. Riscure has facilitated 35 internships since 2021, and 9 have become full-time members of our technical team.

Each year, we host the Virtual Student Event – an online event where students meet our security experts who give a sneak peek into the security industry, how the theory meets the practice, as well as provide some insight details into security topics.

Sign up for the upcoming Virtual Student Event, taking place on May 15th at 3:30-5:00 PM CEST. 

Excited to join the team?

At Riscure, we’re always on the lookout for new interns! Start your journey by sending your application.