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Offering embedded device security expertise for key industries

As market leader in embedded and connected device security, we offer a range of evaluation and testing services, training and security test tools across key industries. Our efforts range from design and architecture evaluation to security testing during development up to final certification and in-market delta evaluation.



Partner with the most experienced security lab to achieve better security during design and development, as well as certification.


By combining our world class hardware and software security expertise, security tooling, advanced training and more than 15 years of security testing, we are well equipped to meet your security evaluation needs.


Broad payment certification options with large expertise in mobile solutions, as well as all relevant technology from chipsets to SDKs, applications and back-end solutions

Media and Multiple service operators

Flexible Project Management in line with your objectives. As market leader, we now work with nearly all security vendors and manufacturers in this industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a wide variety of embedded and connected devices that are used in various application areas.

Government and regulatory agencies

Test your national crypto standards and sensitive equipment yourself

Defense, military and forensic

Leading tooling and research for sensitive applications


World leading tools for leading research institutions