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Security In Semiconductor Industry

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Riscure offers a complete range of hardware and software security tools , services and training, to help the Semiconductor industry deliver secure solutions and enable cost savings. We work with you during both the pre-silicon and post-silicon stages, which helps to drive the costs down, avoid security-related re-development and ensures brand damage and liability reduction as well as a smooth certification process.

During the development stage, enable your team to create great secure designs and develop with security in mind by engaging with us through training focused on your secure development. Save costs of external testing by using our tools to pre-test your silicon in-house. Work with our security experts to identify, understand and address security issues specific to your design and relevant for your markets. As your security partner, we finalize your development with appropriate certification, which aims to bring you market recognition and acceptance.

Receive advisory during development

Each product is special and requires a tailored approach and attention. Riscure has experience with the security of thousands of products and can provide special advisory related to your security development. We advise you on specific security threats and requirements relevant for your market as well as on particular solutions that you are designing. To ensure secure development we offer support in code review , hardware design review, secure boot assessment, and certification advisory.

The benefits of working with Riscure

Riscure helps you implement the best security practices earlier in the development process reducing time to market and design costs.

Riscure brings you more than 20 years of experience in hardware and software security of silicon products with our training, advice, evaluations and certification.

Our experts are ready to help customers worldwide, operating from offices in Europe, the US and China.