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About Riscure

An amazing team of committed security experts to guide you through the security challenges in connected device security.

We are market leaders in Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection, connected device architecture and software analysis.

Our Purpose is to “make Mallory go elsewhere”

The roots of Riscure are in cryptography, where security challenges are often explained with fictional characters in a story. One of the stories is about Alice and Bob, who attempt to exchange secrets. In this story, Mallory, a highly skilled adversary who threatens even the most advanced security methods, taps into the exchange and performs cryptographic wiretaps to access information. At Riscure, we try to think what Mallory would do in order to minimize the chance of any intrusion. By offering our customers cutting-edge expertise, we make these intrusions costly and a near-impossible endeavor, which forces Mallory to look for an easier target elsewhere.


We help drive security forward

From design phase to certification, we are right there with you to enable and validate security in innovation fast!

We achieve large impact through innovation in security

We love stimulating creative ideas… different ways of solving problems, stuff that others have not thought about yet!  We strongly believe it is because of that attitude that we help our customers better and faster and are able to deliver brilliant solutions in our security testing solutions.


We are a trusted extension of our clients

We adhere to a strong set of values, and prove our trustworthiness with every project and every product again and again.  This is one of the key reasons we count so many recurring customers amongst the world’s most important tech leaders.

We attract the best people

We are proud of our track record of attracting and developing outstanding people.  Our unique blend of over thirty nationalities brings the best of the world to our analyst and development teams.


Riscure was founded in 2001 by Marc Witteman, who has been working the field of chip security since 1993. Operating from Delft in the Netherlands, Riscure started serving customers from around the world. During the first years, security evaluation services were the main focus, mostly for customers in the financial industry. Later on the evaluation services also evolved towards the pay-tv industry. When in 2005 the first product was sold to a customer, development of security test equipment also became integral to Riscure’s business and we now have hundreds of customers for our industry leading security equipment. In 2011 Riscure opened an office in San Francisco USA in order to get local presence for its customers in North America. We opened our office in Shanghai in 2017 with the same desire to partner with customers in key areas where they operate, facilitating collaboration further.

A strong focus with a global impact

Riscure evaluates the security of software, chip technology and embedded/connected devices that are meant to operate securely in any environment. We are the leading security test lab for solutions deployed in the pay-tv industry. Riscure is also international market leader in providing test equipment for side channel and fault injection robustness of chip technology. Riscure’s equipment is used by manufacturers, government agencies and security test laboratories around the world.

How we work

We value each other’s opinion, we realise we need one another to perform outstanding work in a complex technical environment and we understand the fine balance between creativity and structure. Our flat organizational structure and strong involvement of everyone in the company makes us highly creative and innovative, a fun place to work and importantly, able to deliver excellent results for our customers.  Because of the nature of our work, we also highly respect the trust and commitment that our customers give us every day and aim to genuinely deliver the best possible answer to their needs.

Security Testing Solutions

Our security testing solutions cover all aspects of side channel, fault injection, white box crypto and software testing.

Security Services

Using sophisticated test equipment and techniques we perform logical, physical and side channel security testing.

Riscure Academy

Riscure is your partner for Expert Security Knowledge in Embedded Systems.

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