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Riscure Side Channel Webinar, May Edition

On May 14 we hosted the second webinar in the Riscure Side Channel series. Every two months we discuss the latest events in device security. This inсludes notable attacks, research and product updates. We choose the topics that are important for our customers and also invite you to ask your own questions. The recording of this webinar is now available. Please register via the form below, and you will be redirected to the recording. The recording of the first installment in the series is available here


Pre-silicon for post-quantum cryptography
How to efficiently simulate crypto execution since these ciphers usually have large designs and take a lot of clock cycles to execute. Presented by Jasper van Woudenberg, CTO of Riscure North America.

Open source firmware for the Pinata
Riscure has open sourced the firmware of our test target so that customers can change or add features when needed. This includes the second version of the firmware with PQC. In this session we will explain how to work with our libraries and flash the pinata. This section will be presented by Alexandros Giannakoulis , Customer Support Engineer.

Securing Embedded Devices: 9 Considerations for Success
This is a detailed discussion of the essential security measures covered in our recent publication. In this segment we will talk about security Over-the-Air updates and tightening Secure Boot. This segment will be presented by Edgar Mateos Santillan, Principal Security Analyst, Riscure North America.

What is Riscure Side Channel? 

Riscure Side Channel is an initiative by Riscure that helps our customers connect with our experts online. Every two months we host webinars where we will discuss the latest developments in device security. We will be carefully choosing topics that matter most for our customers, and you are always welcome to ask your own questions. Register to attend the May edition of the webinar series via the form below. After that you will receive the confirmation e-mail with a join link. We will occasionally send you updates when a new webinar is scheduled or we have an important development to share.