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Riscure Side Channel Webinar, March Edition: Tesla Hack, Pre-Silicon beyond AES and more

We are introducing the brand new webinar series – Riscure Side Channel – created to connect our customers with Riscure’s experts on key topics in the industry. Every two months we will discuss the latest events in device security. This includes notable attacks, research and product updates, both within Riscure and externally. We choose the topics that are important for our customers and also invite you to ask your own questions. The first installment of the ‘Riscure Side Channel’ series took place on March 28, 2024.

In the March edition of the Riscure Side Channel we discussed the following topics:

The Tesla Hack

We cover a recent Tesla hack where the attackers used fault injection as the main method to exploit a vulnerability. We summarize the full attack to a digestible length and analyze the methods chosen by the researchers from an expert point of view.

Pre-silicon beyond AES

We show the flexibility of the Inspector Pre-silicon and explain how this product can be used beyond the analysis of an AES implementation. We demonstrate it in this case on an example of HMAC. 

Open sourcing Pinata firmware

Riscure has recently open sourced the firmware of the pinata target. In this session we show where to find it, how to build the firmware and flash the pinata. Next, we will guide you through the different firmware versions we have published, including one with a Post-Quantum Cryptography functionality, and how to make your own modifications.

The upcoming update of an icWaves security tool

Riscure is working on a new icWaves that is planned for release just before summer. We share some of the highlights of this new development.

New inspector release

Riscure is releasing the newest version of Inspector in the last week of March. Major release features are shared in this session as well as topics planned for the next release.

What is Riscure Side Channel? 

Riscure Side Channel is an initiative by Riscure that helps our customers connect with our experts online. Every two months we host webinars where we will discuss the latest developments in device security. We will be carefully choosing topics that matter most for our customers, and you are always welcome to ask your own questions. Register to attend the first webinar of the series via the form below. After that you will receive the confirmation e-mail with a join link. We will occasionally send you updates when a new webinar is scheduled or we have an important development to share.