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Security Services

A world leading team of security analysts at your disposal for security evaluation and certification as well as integrating security in your development lifecycle. Let us know what you are looking for.

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A world leading team of security experts at your disposal to embed security in your products and development lifecycle.

Riscure can help you with specific market goals such as certification, IP protection or security caused cost and liability reduction through security hardening.

We work with our customers during development stages, which helps them to avoid security-related redevelopment, prepare for the market requirements and certifications.

During the development stage, enable your team to take the most out of the secure design and development by engaging with us through training focused on your secure development. Work with our security experts on identifying, understanding and addressing security issues specific to your design and relevant for your market. As a great security partner, we conclude the development with appropriate certification, which will bring you market recognition and acceptance.

Riscure aids all its services and training with security testing tooling providing a unique and holistic service for secure development of embedded products. You can replicate our tests at your site.

Among the security evaluations conducted by Riscure are Plarform evaluations (e.g. JavaCard, GlobalPlatform, Native, and various TEE operating systems), Applet/ICC evaluations as well as Secure OS evaluations (e.g. TEE OSs, hypervisors, and Rich Oss).

Let us know what you are looking for.

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