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Riscure Academy

A scalable security training system to embed security awareness in your organization and ensure products are developed with security top-of-mind. Developed by the world's foremost experts in device security.

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Security training that actually works

Improve and maintain device security skills and awareness with a digital learning and mentoring system that is efficient, effective, flexible, and sustainable. Developed and delivered by the world’s top security analysts.

Interactive training with mentoring

Once-off classroom training and pure eLearning is out. Interactive learning experiences with live mentoring by experts, coordinated to fit your teams’ needs, is in.

Learn from the best in the world

Programs are developed, maintained, and delivered by the leading experts in device security with over 500,000 hours of practical experience.

Build your own curriculum

Setup a curriculum from modular programs for various audiences and needs, from developers to evaluators, from onboarding new hires to advanced training for senior experts.

Our training approach

Our training programs combine online training, practical assignments, interactive exercise, periodic live mentoring, assessments and certification, curated into a seamless experiences that offers the right mix of activities for maximum training effectiveness and highly engaged participation.

Work with Riscure Academy to build a curriculum of programs, coordinated through Riscure Academy, to support developer and evaluator team(s) in a variety of ways, fit to your industry or product context.

On request or when necessary and helpful, we do host classroom trainings or come on-site with expert trainers, typically as part of a broader curriculum or when particular hands-on experience is helpful.

Common use-cases to setup coordinated curriculums are: 

  • New hire onboarding for faster job readiness
  • General upskilling for better security awareness during development/evaluation
  • Training non-security personnel for increased organizational awareness
  • Team skills assessments to understand gaps and additional training needs
  • Certify team member knowledge on a variety of topics for increased leverage with stakeholders
  • Develop scheme awareness from Common Criteria to ISO 21434 for more efficient development/evaluation projects
  • Learn the latest SCA & FI techniques using Riscure Tools to maximize effectiveness of your Riscure toolset and evaluator skills
  • and many more!