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Riscure Academy

Improve embedded security skills with a digital learning system developed by the world’s top analysts with over 500,000 hours of practical experience. The Riscure Academy solution & training operations team supports access to a system of training programs, expert-led Q&As, whitepapers, tutorials, and other learning resources. 

Training that drives results 

Riscure Academy supports digitally-enhanced learning experiences to ensure your developers avoid common mistakes, design better systems, get certified by the best in the business, and stay up-to-date with the latest in embedded system security. 

Continuous learning system 

Access to online courses combined with expert-led Q&A webinars, pre- and post-assessmentsprogram certification, practice apps for exercise, and moreThe Riscure Academy is a digital interface to Riscure’s experts to create a continuous learning practice for development and security teams.

Training developed and delivered by leading experts 

Riscure training is developed and delivered by the world’s leading experts in embedded systems security. Every training is created with clear objectives, supports practice, and keeps direct actionability in mind 

Coordinated to fit your schedule, designed to fit your context

Riscure trainers are analysts first and we match relevant experience to your business, so programs can always be tuned to your product or industry context.  Riscure training programs provide in-depth insights on security requirements and mechanisms, relevant attacker models, and typical vulnerabilities. All courses are based on real-life experience, and are adjusted to your teams’ industry or product context and skillset. 

How do we train?

Through our Academy platform, we provide our online training materials and other resources, accessible 24/7/365. 

Customers can work closely with our Academy Operations team to coordinate training programs to combine online training with pre- and post-assessments to assess progress, expert-led Q&A webinars to drive engagement, and certification to prove skills. 

Common use-cases to setup coordinated programs are: 

  • New hire onboarding, multiple cohorts per year 
  • Team skills evaluation
  • And other

Riscure Academy trains both your team’s skills as well as teaches them to use Riscure tools correctly.  

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On request, we can provide on-site classroom training. Find out more information here, or contact us via the form below.