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For the mobile payment solution customers such as banks, hotels, shops and solution providers, Riscure provides benchmarking, security evaluation or development support of the security technologies and countermeasures. Riscure supports the increase in security capabilities and knowledge with services such as training, lightweight quick scan or more extensive penetration testing and in-depth security evaluations and certifications.

By working in the area of security for more than 17 years, Riscure has accumulated vast experience to help clients on each step of their solution development process. Riscure can re-use the evaluation effort if permitted by the solution developers to provide better evaluation with respect to the system countermeasures.

Benefits of working with Riscure

Expert knowledge to support your risk management.

Simultaneous evaluation of multiple product families.

Tailored for your specific security needs and devices.

The most industry-relevant and up-to-date attack methods.

Constantly improving customer skills for long term success in the security market.

Minimizing through-put time and de-risking projects by professional security training.