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Riscure Assurance for Premium Content

Bring the security of your premium content hardware/software solution to the next level with a dedicated evaluation program based on years of experience in the industry.

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Riscure Assurance for Premium Content is a security evaluation program specifically designed for Media technology vendors such as secure chip vendors and secure application vendors, to provide assurance to content owners and operators allowing those to decide about risks and liability on the basis of a trusted third party review. Developed by Riscure, it is the only comprehensive tool available that gives assurance from an independent market leader and is based on years of experience and hundreds of successful projects for the Premium Content market. Riscure Assurance for Premium Content specifically helps the industry by introducing the universal security assurance levels for a wide variety of components and software modules based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology.

The product is separated into multiple components. Each component is evaluated separately and the integration in a system is evaluated on top of the components. The hardware platform on which TEE is based is evaluated through vulnerability analysis and penetration testing phase. The vulnerability analysis (VA) determines possible attack paths which are tested in the testing phase. The TEE SW is separately reviewed and integration testing is performed with respect to the whole system. Additional components such as SMP can be added to the evaluation as well.

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Benefits of working with Riscure

Respect for the unique industry requirements (watermarking, DRM, SMP).

Perfect timing and flexibility through modular evaluation of components.

Publicity and privacy (you can share the assurance level without disclosing evaluation results).

The most advanced attack methods (side-channel, fault injection and logical attacks).

Compatible with common certification programs.

Adjusted for the unique industry requirements.

Tailored for your specific security needs and devices.

The industry relevant attack methods.

Minimizing through-put time and de-risk projects by professional training.

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