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Riscure Academic Offer in a nutshell

We believe academia is one of the driving forces behind the constantly evolving field of hardware and software security. Academia enables us to grow by bringing in qualified new colleagues with fresh ideas and new skills. Reaching new breakthroughs would not be possible without the research community. We, therefore, want to reward the opportunity to become part of your academic or research program. Riscure values being a trusted supplier to universities and schools everywhere. But even more so, we like to be a partner in your research and curriculum, allowing your students to gain practical experience or bounce ideas back and forth.

We identify two tiers of partnership with academic insitutions. Depending on what level of collaboration we agree on we choose a tier to enable different levels of discount and benefits.

Partnership Options

Riscure Academic Partner

This tier is focused on using our tools, provides early access to new attack methods, offers to share practical experience and helps everyone promote side channel research.

Riscure Innovation Partner

In addition to the Academic Partner option, we encourage academia to take one step further. By combining research efforts, results and prototypes we want to leverage the vast knowledge of the academic world in new tools to translate the theory into practice.

Reasons to use Riscure Inspector

Developing tools within your research group allows for infinitely tuned and customized side channel analysis and fault injection tooling. We strongly encourage learning by doing. Making your own tool case might be the best way to understand the theory and develop your skill set to make test methods practical. There are some caveats to be considered though, most notably transferability, repeatability and time invested.


Make sure that the amount of time invested in creating tooling is managed and documented well. A proper repository and documentation that is generated from the source will ensure proper book-keeping of scripts or tool sets that have been developed as well as ensuring others understand what has been developed. Added user documentation will not only support an understanding of code but also of use.


Scientific research requires rigidity when it comes to the accuracy and precision of your tooling as well as your process. Make sure you have a calibration process and a scripted method of working when repeating experiments. Only with reliably produced and tested hardware, software and a rigid process you can draw conclusions comparing results.

Time savings

Development of tools that meet all of your requirements, and of its users is hard. Do you focus on research prototypes or a learning tool? Hardware development will require specialist tools and know-how to make a product. Decide early on where you want to go and iteratively go back between your assumptions and requirements in the process of tool building.

Riscure takes care of these common hurdles for you and will allow you to concentrate on your research on new methods and teaching rather than the development and maintenance of essential functionality. With clear tutorials, user documentation and API documentation as well as training courses and training devices we ensure that the learning curve is steep easily overcome. On top we will ensure the last relevant test and processing methods are including, such as our Deep Learning functionality. Stand on our shoulders for your research and development efforts!

In addition we develop our software and hardware to store settings and automate test campaigns so experiments can be repeated with ease. Similarly, Inspector hardware is developed to have a high accuracy and repeatability within one device as well as between devices. You will be able to compare outcomes without worrying about device imprecision or process errors.

Academic Users


Riscure Inspector

Used by over 150 organizations worldwide, the integrated modular platform of Inspector combines acquisition, alignment, signal processing, statistics and side channel cryptanalysis and tool for Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection testing. Custom designed hardware and software enable government institutions, security evaluation laboratories and chip manufacturers around the globe to perform time efficient, reproducible, cutting edge security research.

Inspector offers detailed control over the entire side channel testing process. The Inspector architecture offers an open and flexible environment with an intuitive graphical representation of traces or faults and analysis results. Furthermore, all aspects of side channel testing are integrated in one solution, so that the user does not need to switch between environments or workstations.

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To learn more about the Riscure Academic Program, feel free to get in touch with us via inforequest@riscure.com.


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