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Riscure Joins DARPA Toolbox Initiative

We’re thrilled to announce our joint initiative with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of the Toolbox Initiative. Featuring our very own True Code and Inspector, we hope to help streamline powerful tools for innovators everywhere.

Riscure Joins DARPA Toolbox Initiative

Riscure announces our participation in the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) collaborative open license initiative termed DARPA Toolbox. DARPA Toolbox is an Agency-wide effort to provide open licensing opportunities with commercial technology vendors to the researchers – or performers – behind its programs. The initiative provides DARPA performers with streamlined, low-cost, scalable access to state-of-the-art tools and intellectual property (IP) under standardized legal terms and acquisition procedures. Riscure is offering True Code, a solution software that amplifies collaboration and automates vulnerability identification throughout secure code development, and our Inspector SCA software through DARPA Toolbox.

With its three core features – collaboration, Logical Vulnerability Find and Fix and Fault Injection Find and Fix – Riscure True Code enables teams (whether remote or otherwise) to better detect the presence of vulnerabilities that can pose serious threats to a device’s system. Coupled with the collaboration functionality that incorporates human code review into the development lifecycle, this software solution simplifies conventionally complex techniques.

DARPA’s Serge Leef, a program manager who focuses on design automation and hardware security in the Microsystems Technology Office, noted that “It’s essential to enable the DARPA research community to stay ahead on chip security, thus we are encouraged to see security companies like Riscure joining the Toolbox initiative.”

As a part of DARPA Toolbox, Riscure offers our Inspector SCA Analysis Professional module, a side channel tool for both system developers and evaluators. Inspector’s diverse capabilities include measurements, signal processing, alignment, statistics, and first order differential analysis (DPA and CPA) and TVLA. In addition, the Riscure team also offers trace acquisition hardware and Inspector modules for both advanced side-channel and Fault Injection methods.

“At Riscure, we’re proud to be involved in the DARPA Toolbox initiative. As advocates for enabling advanced, dynamic tools at scalable capacities, we believe both Riscure True Code and Inspector can help drive security know-how forward for developers and evaluators across the board,” said Mark Shin, Riscure’s Director of Sales and Business Development. “An accessible approach to scalable security is not a common one, but it’s our mission at Riscure. So, we’re thrilled to see this shift in the mindsets of developers and evaluators alike.”

If you would like to learn more about Riscure products or how to access them via the Toolbox initiative as a DARPA performer, feel free to reach out to connect 1-1. Get in touch with Tim Maryak at maryak@riscure.com.

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