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In this second blog post, we will continue to explore TEEGRIS by reverse engineering TAs in order to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

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KU Leuven's security research group COSIC has a strong track record in studying Tesla security and demonstrated attacks on model S in 2018 and 2019. This time, they broke model X and applied some new techniques for that, using 2 design flaws, both exploiting a lack of authentication.

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You know your team needs to learn new skills. But are they actually going to be able to put new knowledge into practice? Will this investment pay off? And how does this work in a remote-first world?

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The goal of our investigation was to assess how strong Samsung’s TEE security OS is and whether it can be compromised to obtain runtime control and extract all protected assets, allowing, e.g. decryption of user data and possible payment frauds.

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Recently, NinjaLab investigated Titan, a two-factor authentication token offered by Google, and broke its secure crypto implementation.

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At the end of last year, ForeScout analyzed seven open-source software libraries and found a set of 33 vulnerabilities in four of them (uip, picoTCP, FNET, Nut/Net). Three of these vulnerabilities are critical and can lead to remote code execution.

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To help you and your team stay positive, we are advancing our training offering this year to make it more accessible and efficient. Have you already heard of Riscure Security Training?

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Recently a new power-side channel attack, which was named Platypus. At Riscure, we can determine whether your product is vulnerable to Platypus.

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We are sharing some tips on how to attend the Workshop sessions live and watch the recording later.

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