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Professionalizing Fault Injection

Author: Marc Witteman

How to enhance Fault Injection results by using professional security test equipment.

Hobbyists and hackers are typically not well-funded, but often have excellent technical capabilities and a lot of time. Fault Injection can be a tedious task given the perceived need of electronic circuit modifications, the huge size of the parameter space, and the non-deterministic timing behavior of the target. In absence of professional test equipment, these challenges may make testing prohibitively slow.

In this whitepaper, we talk about 3 main challenges for Fault Injection vulnerability detection, as well as the solutions Riscure provides to improve the quality and speed of the testing process.

Challenge 1: how to safely inject faults without damaging the target circuit board

Challenge 2: how to navigate the Fault Injection parameter space

Challenge 3: how to zoom into narrow time windows and get repeatable test results

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