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Security certification considerations when choosing a secure product

Author: Riscure Team

Understanding Common Criteria and Evaluation Assurance Levels, and putting these into context when choosing secure products and services.

The modern vehicle is not just a car: it is a complex, connected, computer ecosystem. As such, the automotive industry faces all the cybersecurity issues inherent within the wider software sector. So how do you choose a secure, future-proof platform that will protect your vehicle and your customers from real-world threats throughout the lifetime of the vehicle?


This paper discusses the role that security certification plays when choosing a secure solution that will benefit your customers now, and that will provide a future-proof platform for the emerging automotive cybersecurity threat landscape, and address legislation such as UNECE WP.29.

In this white paper the automotive industry is used as an example. However, the approaches and recommendations contained within this paper can be applied equally to other vertical markets and product types.

This paper is developed together with Trustonic.

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