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Riscure’s new Inspector 2020.1: what’s new

Riscure has just released the latest version of its Inspector software suite, a professional tool to evaluate the security of chips and devices. Riscure constantly upgrades our security tools based on the feedback of our customers. Therefore, we want to introduce you to modifications and new features of Inspector 2020.1 for Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injection (FI).

Besides the modifications, Inspector 2020.1 has new features like support for the Linear Regression as a First Order Analysis. Compared to other methods, the Linear Regression provides the best result as a 2 pass method, although it uses more computer resources. The updated Inspector also has a Transceiver configuration panel, that can now be fully conducted within the program and enables users to easily identify the valuable signals hidden in the noise. The incoming data frames to the Inspector now trigger Huracan based on selected options by the user. Some of the options are when receiving the first bit of the packet and after the end of a packet, with and without matching.

Some of the notable modifications is that Matlab was modified and instead of Import/Export option it now provides detailed instructions to our customers on how to use Inspector Java API from within Matlab. Inspector also no longer bundles Java API documentation but instead takes the user to the Oracle website for both online use and download options. Further, the launcher for the Inspector is now updated to a 64-bit binary.

As an addition to the modifications and new features, the new Inspector 2020.1 contains fixes for bugs and performance issues. To find out more about the updates in the Inspector check out the What’s New Brochure and the Release Notes.

Find out more about the Inspector SCA and the Inspector FI. Riscure offers a wide variety of security tools, check out the full product catalog here.

Riscure Fault Injection Crash Course

In May, Riscure is hosting a special online event Fault Injection Crash Course. This event is a series of online presentations, with the goal to boost your expertise in the latest research in hardware attacks and the most advanced methods to remediate them. Take your last chance to register Fault Injection Crash course by following this link.

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