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Join us online for the Riscure Fault Injection Crash Course

In May 2020 Riscure invites you to join a special online event. We welcome company representatives looking to improve the security of their devices. The 'Riscure Fault Injection Crash Course' is a series of online presentations with one goal: to get you up to speed with the latest research on hardware attacks and the most advanced method to remediate them. In addition to video content we will host an interactive session where we will answer your questions in real time. With the virus outbreak we want to maintain a desired level of social distancing without compromising knowledge sharing!

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The program of the ‘Riscure Fault Injection Crash Course’ includes our engineers’ expertise on Riscure’s and global innovations and practices in the area of Fault Injection, IoT protection, security of embedded systems. Using our market leading hardware and software products, we will provide the participants with in-depth knowledge and demonstrate our hardware and software tools. Full agenda of the online event will be shared with attendees in April.

On May 12, 2020 we will share the entire set of presentations online. The sequence of sessions will match the previously planned offline US Roadshow event, but with expanded level of detail.

On May 19, 2020 at 7pm CET (10am US West Coast time zone) we will host a live Q&A session: our experts will be online for 2 hours, ready to answer questions in real time.

To attend the Fault Injection Crash Course you need to leave your contact details via the form below. We will contact you with updates on the agenda in April and let you know in advance how to attend the presentations in May.

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