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Riscure releases the EM-FI Transient Probe with Adjusting Pulse Width

Riscure announces the availability of a new type of Fault Injection probe, the EM-FI Transient Probe with Adjusting Pulse Width (EM-FI APW). This probe improves the workflow of testing the resilience of chips and devices against Electro-Magnetic Fault Injection attacks. With this method, security teams aim to change the chip’s behavior by creating an electromagnetic field over the chip. The Lab setup for efficient EM-FI testing requires accuracy and flexibility, which is exactly what the latest Riscure probe delivers.

Key features

The new EM-FI APW has two unique features:

  • Measure EM signals simultaneously as the EM pulses glitch the target.

This enables security teams to use EM signals for the perfect timing to inject glitches. Furthermore, this feature helps the teams scan the chip’s surface to find the optimal spot for injecting pulses – and inject glitches immediately.

  • Control the pulse width of the glitches.

With this being an additional adjustable parameter, next to the strength of the pulse and the timing of the glitches, security teams can now be more flexible in creating electromagnetic fields over the chip. This will allow for more flexibility when designing your test scenarios

What is the difference between the traditional EM-FI Transient probe and the new EM-FI AWP?

Some of our existing customers may know that Riscure already has an EM-FI Transient Probe in our product range. The new EM-FI APW is not a replacement for the current device but a completely new product that will stand next to the standard EM-FI Transient Probe. The latest EM-FI APW gives the user more flexibility and is best suitable in the following use cases:

  • for those who need accurate EM measurements during an FI attack to determine the best trigger point;
  • for those who work on a sensitive target and need to be able to control the length of the glitches (or use very short pulses) and need fine-grained control in the lower power ranges;
  • for those who are short on time and want to take advantage of a device that combines multiple steps for needed for successful EM fault injection, like finding the best location on the chip, measuring the glitch effect, and triggering based on an EM signal in one device.

The current EM-FI Transient Probe is still highly relevant, especially for products that must be tested with powerful EM pulses. The current EM-FI transient probe is a good choice if your products need to be hardened against powerful EM pulses. Furthermore, there are use cases where there’s no need to measure and glitch simultaneously.

EM-FI APW Specifications. Featured list.

  • Power over coil: 3V – 100V (+/-10%)
  • Maximum internal current: 92A  ± 10%
  • EM pulse power control: 1 – 100%
  • Pulse width at digital glitch input for full power: Adjustable, 4 – 200ns ± 10%
  • Pulse frequency: 50 MHz
  • Measurement circle: The device can both inject and measure EM at the same time

EM-FI APW Coils.

  • 4mm / 1.5mm, 5 windings
  • 4mm / 1.5mm, 3 windings

The new product is now live and is available for purchase. Learn more about it and request a demo on the product page. Would you like to discuss how this product applies to your particular test scenario? Reach out to us via welove.fi@riscure.com. Our team will answer all your questions about device security testing and help you choose the perfect tools for your team.

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