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EM-FI Transient Probe with Adjustable Pulse Width

We can measure and glitch simultaneously through the same tip at the same location.

Measure EM signals simultaneously while glitching the target

  • Efficient testing – no need to change devices in the setup to first take measurements and find the best location for an FI attack, change to a glitching device with the risk of losing this found location, and start glitching.
  • Effective results – the Measurement circuit allows to detect a triggering point based on an EM signal which will allow perfect timing to inject the glitches.

Control the pulse width

  • More testing options because of the variable pulse width.
  • Sensitive work on a sensitive target with optimal accuracy in the lower power output ranges.


It is a new product with new features and capabilities

Does not replace existing EM-FI

The EM-FI APW will be added to the Riscure portfolio

What about the standard EM-FI?

The EM-FI is still a standard in the market and though the EM-FI APW has additional features, the standard EM-FI still has its benefits: It can generate stronger pulses.

Some devices need to be tested for resistance against very powerful pulses – the standard Riscure EM-FI Transient Probe can generate these.

Unique Features

The new EM-FI Transient Probe Adjustable Pulse Width (EM-FI APW) allows the user/customer to do both measurements & glitching simultaneously through the same tip. Next to that, the new EM-FI APW gives more options to experiment with due to the option of variable pulse width.

  • Measuring EM emission while glitching
  • Controlling the pulse width

All real-time!

Other Features

  • Adjustable pulses (Glitch power, delay).
  • New EM-FI APW is powered with a stable, clean lab power supply.
  • Different probe tips are included.
  • Even shorter pulses then before starting from 4ns configurable from software. The other EM-FI probe generates fixed glitches of ~ 20ns.
  • Fast and predictable response to a trigger.
  • Fits Riscure XYZ stage for automated scanning.


  • EM-FI tests have low setup costs with regard to target preparation compared to other FI methods.
  • It usually does not require de-packaging the chip. This saves time and money but also takes away the risk of damaging the target during preparation.
  • Lower chance of permanent damaging the target compared to other methods.

Use Cases

  • For teams that need accurate EM measurements during FI testing to determine the best trigger point.
  • For teams that work on sensitive targets and want to control the parameters of the glitch more accurately and extensively.
  • For teams who are short on time and want to take the most from a device, which combines essential steps for effective EM-FI testing.

A part of the Riscure Set Up

Inspector integration: EM-FI APW can be a part of a Riscure ecosystem or an integrated tech bench which typically consists of FI on XYZ positioning device, the communication device (Spider), and the triggering device (icWaves). These devices work all together with the Riscure software.

Standalone: The EM-FI Transient Probe can be integrated with any fault injection test setup with third-party products (software and hardware).

Technical Specifications

  • Power over coil: 3V-100V (+/-10%)
  • Maximum internal current: 92A ± 10%
  • EM pulse power control: 1 – 100%
  • Pulse width at digital glitch input for full power: Adjustable, 4–200ns ± 10%
  • Pulse frequency: 50 MHz
  • Measurement circle: The device can both inject and measure EM at the same time

EM-FI APW Coils:

  • 4mm / 1.5mm, 5 windings
  • 4mm / 1.5mm, 3 windings
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