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Riscure announces the Corporate Training license program

A special offer for businesses to ensure efficient knowledge transfer of the latest security expertise in embedded and connected device security.

Riscure Training team announces the new corporate license offering for software and hardware developers. This new program enables the delivery of Riscure’s latest training courses around the globe with three ways of interaction: fully online (self-directed), online instructor led and private in-house courses at specified locations. The program simplifies the transfer of security knowledge and allows experienced professionals with cybersecurity expertise to obtain working “practical” knowledge on embedded systems security.

The latest online courses to be included in the program are:

  • Effective Technical Decision Making for Automotive Security: 12 hours of content for intermediate developers, architects and safety engineers who wish to build a strong understanding of both system requirements engineering and secure code development.
  • Secure Coding for Embedded Systems: 25 hours of security intelligence for intermediate C/C++ programmers who aim to extend their knowledge and ability to eliminate logical errors, harden critical code areas against fault attacks and protect crypto algorithms against side channel attacks.

Key benefits of Riscure Training

Riscure has years of experience developing and evaluating qualified security professionals through our knowledge transfer programs.  Our courses leverage expertise from hundreds of security evaluation and certification projects, across various industries. We make our customers happy by not only providing data on potential security issues, but also advising them how to make their solutions more robust.

Riscure Training courses are created by seasoned experts and based on their experience in the specific field. After each delivery of a training, we document the lessons learned, analyze customer feedback and update the content accordingly.

Are your courses open source and independent to Riscure tooling?

All our development courses are independent to the Riscure tooling, including Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection for Developers. For example, no specialized hardware is required for the Automotive or Secure Coding for Embedded Systems. We have special training courses for customers using Riscure Tools.

Can we migrate your content to our very own learning platforms?

Absolutely, our online programs are compatible with most training standards and can be replicated on your own infrastructure.

How to get more information or request an online trial account?

Please reach out to Justin Black, Riscure’s Training Sales Manager at black@riscure.com

Learn more about Riscure’s training portfolio on our website.

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