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Featured training: Side Channel Analysis for IoT developers

Treating an algorithm in a purely mathematical fashion and thus neglecting its physical (hardware or software) implementation opens the door to various real-world security threats. Cryptographic devices often have additional, unintended output such as their execution time, power consumption, electromagnetic radiation, light emissions, acoustic and heat emanations, and so on. Naturally, the simple occurrence of such output, also known as side channel leakage or side channel information, does not automatically compromise the sensitive data: a sound strategy to exploit side channel information is paramount. The field of study that deals with such techniques is formally known as Side Channel Analysis. The end goal of this training is to enable you to protect your devices and applications against basic side-channel analysis attacks.

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The Secure Coding Expert is an online, highly interactive course where we build on the tips and tricks used by software security analysts to review large code bases. Learn how to eliminate logical errors, harden critical code areas against fault attacks, and protect crypto algorithms against Side Channel attacks. This is a unique program with a clear objective: learn to identify vulnerabilities, implement countermeasures and evaluate their cost (e.g., performance penalty).

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An automotive E/E solution that does not protect from an adversarial action cannot be considered state-of-the-art. Breaching the security of a safety-critical component leads to potential liability and may result in a costly delay in production. Based on years of experience developing and certifying secure devices and software across various industries, Riscure has created a dedicated and interactive Automotive Security Architect training program. The course is accessible online.

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We share our experience developing and evaluating hardware and software for smart and embedded devices. The full range of courses includes hardware and software security for smart devices, covers topics such as reverse engineering, memory corruption issues and more. We share knowledge online, when the content is available to you anytime and anywhere. We also host classroom trainings in our HQ in Delft. On-site training delivery and custom corporate learning programs are available on request.

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