Learn more about Automotive IT Security with a hands-on approach

This June 13-22 Riscure will host the first Automotive Security training program in Detroit, with the aim to security and development teams’ unique knowledge and skill sets that can be directly applied on the job after taking these courses. We invite you to join us for a comprehensive and hands-on training program that is based on over 15 years of experience in connected device security.

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Embedded Security for Automotive, June 13-15

Gain a practical overview of in vehicle security

Why join this training?

  • Gain a competitive edge with mitigations applicable for anything from a CAN-enabled ECU to multimedia control systems.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in IVI, telematics and gateways solutions.
  • Build countermeasures for a more robust and secure solution.

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Secure Code Development Bootcamp, June 18-19

Creating secure code should go beyond a simple hunt for bugs

Why join this training?

  • Improve your ability to find vulnerabilities in software.
  • Learn how to assess and fix vulnerabilities.
  • Implement mitigations that reduce the impact of software errors.
  • Understand why compliance with coding guidelines MISRA-C is not equivalent with secure code development.

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Hardening Secure Boot, June 22

Protect the most important security asset in your hardware product

Why join this training?

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of secure boot and of how powerful a good implementation can be.
  • Fix bugs and test the effectiveness live.
  • Understand how to effectively test the effectiveness of countermeasures to avoid a compromised solution.

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