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Fault Injection Auto Tuning Parameters

During this 15-minute presentation we will go over how Fault Injection is a potent hacker method to breach device security and how Riscure’s smart algorithms offer quick & efficient test cases by auto tuning parameters.

Fault Injection can be a successful method for hackers to break the security of a variety of products. Difficulties often lie in finding the right combination of parameters that will lead to success out of a large search space. Tough hackers can have lots of time to do so, product developers usually have to work against tough deadlines and need to be as fast as possible.

In order to support fast and efficient fault injection test cases, Riscure has implemented smart algorithms to automatically find an optimal combination of fault injection parameters instead of the need for this to be a possible long manual process.

Your host for this webinar is Erwin in t’ Veld, Tools Product Manager at Riscure.

This is an on-demand webinar, the recording is available for you any time after registration.

For more information, contact: inforequest@riscure.com