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Riscure Touchstone Android Application Security Benchmark

Benchmark the security protection of your Android application against other applications in the Play Store and learn how your application meets up against the industry security de facto norm.

Riscure Touchstone Payment Security Benchmark provides an easy overview of the state of security for your Android payment application and comares it to similar apps in the Play Store. Our benchmarking tool integrates knowledge from hundreds manual security reviews and the automatically detects the majority of relevant protection methods. You will be able to see at a glance how your application ‘performs’ against the competition, which protection mechanisms are missing and whether or not you are the “easy target ” for hackers. You will receive your report within 48 hours after payment.

Benefits of Riscure Touchstone

Tap into the Riscure’s leading expertise on Mobile Security and multiple years of experience on Mobile Application security testing.

Quick and easy way to determine if your application is a sitting duck for hackers.

Learn how you can improve your application security.

Benchmark your application security with other applications in Google Play.

Get professional support from Riscure in improving the security of your solution.

Riscure Touchstone allows you to understand your solution’s security baseline. It scans your application for known protection mechanisms, and provides an extensive report. In this report you will be able to see how your application performs, compared to others. While this assessment does not guarantee the security of an Android program, even if all possible protection mechanisms are available, the information provided by Riscure Touchstone service is a perfect starting point to identify where the security can be improved.