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Mobile Point-Of-Sale Security

Develop and certify your Mobile Point-of-Sales (MPOS) solution with the leading security laboratory for mobile payment security with excellent performance, flexibility and experience.

For Mobile Point-of-Sale (MPOS) vendors who would like to develop a secure solution and achieve the relevant payment industry certification(s), Riscure offers expert security services.

Riscure is the leading and accredited security laboratory for Mobile Point-of-Sale solutions, supporting developers with the brand Tap-to-Phone with PIN programs and PCI MPoC certification services. The PCI MPoC standard integrates the existing use cases from the CPoC and SPoC standards, and also adds new payment functionality and new ways of certification.

Riscure is specialized in Mobile Payment Security and works with all key stakeholders and security technology developers, from chipset and TEE vendors, to Smartphone OEMs, Software Protection Tool providers, solution developers, and final stakeholders like the international and domestic payment brands, standardization bodies, issuers, and acquirers.

With Riscure’s extensive and in-depth expertise, we can support our clients during all stages of solution development effectively and beneficially with training, pre-assessment and final certification services.

Benefits of working with Riscure

One-stop shop to multiple payment schemes such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PCI, and domestic schemes

Supporting customers in the development phase helps to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities found during certification or in the field

Changes and adaptations to satisfy requirements can be easily attached to the main evaluation

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