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We redefine gaming security with a thorough approach focused on understanding, identifying, and fortifying against potential threats. With a long track record in reverse engineering content protection mechanisms and security testing for software protection tools used in the gaming industry, Riscure can identify vulnerabilities that often go unnoticed, helping vendors offer more robust anti-piracy and cheat-free gaming solutions.

Hardening gaming security and preserving fair gameplay

Our services cater to gaming developers and device vendors across a broad spectrum of platforms. Riscure has created advanced internal tooling that mimics real-world attack techniques, ensuring that our evaluations are as realistic as possible.

Gaming Integrity

  • We support developers to address anti-cheat measures, user privacy, anti-piracy, and DRM through security evaluations to build robust solutions.
  • We equip software protection tool vendors to implement cutting-edge measures such as Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), anti-debugging, anti-instrumentation, and whitebox cryptography to ensure the integrity of your gaming applications.

Connected device security in gaming

Get in-depth evaluations into the security layers of diverse devices used for delivering multiple services, such as gaming consoles and set-top boxes (STBs). We’re experts in the security intricacies of Android TV, Linux, networking, and the boot process for a robust defense.

Media-related application security

We offer comprehensive security testing against various media-related requirements, such as DRM evaluations and white-box testing.

Benefits of working with Riscure

Vulnerability identification and analysis

Security evaluation from an attacker’s point of view

Dedicated tooling for game vulnerability assessment

On-track with global security insights and trends

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