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Improve the security of your 5G solutions, create and deploy security test equipment with Riscure, the leading vendor of embedded security testing services and products.



In the near future 5G networks will help redefine wireless data transmission. The concept of 5G goes beyond faster data rates for consumers, it is a foundation for large system of autonomous IoT devices that are constantly connected. The security in 5G networks is therefore critical, in networks themselves as well as client solutions. In addition to existing security challenges of a cellular network, any 5G development has to incorporate the emerging security aspects that concern Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) services, lawful interception functionality, general availability of software and APIs to users. One of the major concerns for this new industry is data confidentiality in the network as well as in device.

In any case the security on the device level accompanies the network security. Next to the driver implementation and protocol issues that any networked system can have, 5G developers deal with political concerns. Often seen as the critical technology for economical well-being, 5G will also be integrated in adjacent industries such as automotive, critical infrastructure, using V2X communication concepts. 5G will boost the development of new consumer devices and services. For members of this rapidly evolving industry it is critical to incorporate security vision at the earliest stages of development, embrace the best practices for security expertise and deploy cutting-edge equipment to test against current and future security threats.

Riscure has more than 15 years of experience in device security testing that directly applies to 5G network and client solutions. Riscure also works together with Keysight, which offers our customers a combination of device testing tools and services with device interfacing and network simulation tools.


Riscure's security offer for 5G developers

Supplier assurance security testing for 5G IoT

When purchasing IoT devices from a third party, it is necessary to assess the security risk. Riscure offers White/Black box testing of devices for back doors and security vulnerabilities. It is possible to combine such evaluation with functional interface testing thanks to Riscure’s partnership with Keysight.

Creation and preparation of security test beds for your 5G IoT device and system development

Prepare and test the security of your devices with Riscure security experts to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities that can harm your reputation and lead to costly delays or redevelopment.

Security testing of your 5G devices and whole systems

Get the detailed report from an independent test lab on the security of your 5G solution. This service is aimed at businesses who would like to show their customers that their development does not leak user data, intentionally or unintentionally.

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