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Webinar: How to secure SoftPOS mobile apps to comply with PCI MPoC

Together with Guardsquare, we will delve into the unique challenges and security measures needed to meet PCI MPoC standards for SoftPOS mobile apps.

Join us on February 27th, 10 am-11 am EST / 4 pm-5 pm CET for a webinar in collaboration with Guardsquare! Anton Baranenko, Guardsquare’s Product Manager, and Arno Buijten, Riscure’s Senior Evaluator, will guide you through the intricate world of SoftPOS security. As SoftPOS adoption continues to surge, understanding and implementing robust security measures are more critical than ever.

Attendees will learn:

  • The main threats that impact SoftPOS mobile apps
  • PCI MPoC requirements to protect sensitive payment data
  • How to achieve PCI MPoC certification and release secure SoftPOS mobile apps

Why attend?

  • Learn about the latest developments in PCI MPoC requirements, and what it means for app developers.
  • Understand the dynamics shaping the standard’s development and its unique challenges.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding your SoftPOS mobile applications – get insights directly from industry experts in security testing.

Sign up for the webinar here: https://www.guardsquare.com/webinar/secure-softpos-mobile-apps-with-pci-mpoc

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