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Shift Security Left: mitigating hardware vulnerabilities during design stage

In January 2023 we launched a new product within our Riscure Inspector range that’s focused on pre-silicon testing. This release is preceded by years of research, where our goal was to solve a major challenge for chip designers: detect vulnerabilities by simulating hardware designs and find their root cause. Should a major problem be discovered at a later stage, it is often difficult to implement a fix without major redesign or production delays, or it turns out to be impossible altogether.

Inspector Pre-Silicon is designed to help our customers identify vulnerabilities during the design stage. It offers actionable feedback to hardware designers without the need to have real silicon at their disposal. This enables our customers to swiftly improve their product, make it more robust and, in turn, speed up the certification process. This webinar breaks down our approach to pre-silicon testing and discusses finding side channel & fault injection vulnerabilities during the design stage. In addition to discussing the roadmap of additional features our clients can expect from us in upcoming versions, we also featured a live demo of Inspector Pre-Silicon!

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