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Riscure True Code 2023.2 is released

Author: Riscure Team

Riscure announces the availability of Riscure True Code 2023.2. The latest update to Riscure’s automated vulnerability identification solution focuses on two major improvements: further development of security benchmarks and a Hardware Abstraction for Fuzzing.

Improvements in Benchmark Configuration

Riscure True Code 2023.2 now allows customers to generate fuzzing test harnesses for security benchmarks. With the new development the creation of new benchmarks has been significantly simplified. Many improvements in fuzzing test creation process also improve the coverage and effectiveness of this testing method.

Hardware Abstraction for Fuzzing

Riscure True Code 2023.2 also introduces a Hardware Abstraction Layer for fuzzing. This allows users to emulate hardware interfaces in software while conducting a fuzzing test routing. With the abstraction layer enabled, Riscure True Code can intercept runtime read and write access requests to fixed address ranges. This is typically used to access hardware peripherals in embedded C code and avoid false positive crashes due to non-existent hardware devices. This new feature enables fuzzing analysis of hardware-dependent code on platforms where the peripherals are not present, without the need to modify the software being analyzed. Hardware Abstraction for Fuzzing is only supported in Linux environment.

In addition to these major new features that further expand fuzzing and general-purpose security testing functionality in Riscure True Code, this update also includes a number of other improvements and bug fixes. You can learn more about True Code on our website.

If you are interested in test-driving Riscure True Code in your own embedded development environment, please feel free to reach out to us at inforequest@riscure.com.

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