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Riscure supports Rubean in achieving PCI CPoC certification

In the mobile payment industry, security is a vital consideration for manufacturers when developing their payment solutions. We are happy to welcome another secure solution to the market. Following an independent security review by Riscure, Rubean’s PhonePOS solution is now PCI CPoC certified.

Riscure is the newest PCI SSC security laboratory accredited to perform PTS, SPoC and CPoC certifications and brings new expertise on Mobile Security to PCI SSC.Our vast experience and leading expertise in mobile security and payment resulted in a smooth evaluation process with Rubean despite the strict PCI CPoC requirements.Working with multiple solution providers on their SPoC and CPoC evaluations, we aim to continue to support our customers in their Tap-to-Phone with PIN and SPoC and CPoC certification needs.

The financial sector is rapidly adopting new technology, specifically mobile, which brings new security risks and considerations. Security is a key success factor for CPoC and Tap-to-Phone with PIN technology, given the high visibility and exposure to attackers. Insecure solutions will result in a loss of trust in these solutions or even the technology itself, leading to significant financial and reputational damage.

As the industry-recognized leading mobile security expert, Riscure is ready to support developers like Rubean with their Tap-to-Phone with PIN, PCI SPoC, and PCI CPoC security and certifications needs.

If you have any questions about the certification or your development, reach out to us at hartog@riscure.com.

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