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Riscure supports Nordic Semiconductor in acquiring PSA and SESIP L2 certifications

Riscure announces the successful completion of the security evaluation project for Nordic Semiconductor. After assessing the functionality and robustness of the security of two microcontrollers (nRF5340 SoC and nRF9160 SiP), they have successfully passed the requirements of the PSA level 2 and SESIP level 2 certification programs.

PSA and SESIP Certified offer a comprehensive approach to security testing with their multi-level security robustness schemes. These certifications enable device makers to achieve the security required for their use case through increasing levels of security assurance, each requiring increasingly rigorous hardware and software evaluation. Riscure conducts such evaluations to test the device’s robustness against the requirements of these certification programs.

“We are proud to have supported Nordic Semiconductor in achieving their certification needs. PSA and SESIP Certified programs enable IoT device makers, software and hardware vendors to build trust in the security of a new generation of IoT products” – Pascal van Gimst, VP of Global Services Sales. “Achieving PSA and SESIP Certification makes our customer’s solutions more attractive for device makers who want to ensure the security of their IoT devices before they hit the market.”

“We want to ensure our customers base their IoT end products on silicon and software that has been independently verified to ensure a robust level of protection”, says Tiago Monte, Developer Marketing Manager with Nordic Semiconductor. “Therefore, we are delighted to work with Riscure and to have achieved this PSA and SESIP Level 2 certification for the low power, multiprotocol nRF5340 SoC and low power nRF9160 SiP for cellular IoT”.

Riscure is a fully accredited lab under the PSA Certified and SESIP certification programs and we are dedicated to supporting our customers in improving the security of their products and gain market recognition. To discuss the evaluation of your IoT solution, please contact Riscure at inforequest@riscure.com.

About Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is a world-leading specialist in ultra-low power wireless connectivity. Our technology enables millions of IoT devices to connect. Using Nordic’s innovation, our customers and partners across the globe are changing societies and lives for the better by powering smarter, safer, and more sustainable solutions. Nordic’s world-class hardware, software, and development tools are amongst the most advanced in the world. We take pride in delivering a complete developer experience by offering ultra low power wireless solutions that are easy to implement, with the best possible support. We are the leader in Bluetooth Low Energy, an emerging leader in cellular IoT and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, and we are proud to be a driving force in the age of wireless connectivity. www.nordicsemi.com

About Riscure

Riscure is a leading vendor of security tools and training for edge devices. Our tooling helps global technology leaders to build robust hardware and software solutions.  Riscure security analysts bring top-notch security expertise to development teams and aim to run no-pain certification projects. Built on a wealth of security research and extensive practical experience, Riscure is well recognized for its technical leadership. Riscure serves Semiconductor, Mobile Security and Mobile Payment, Automotive and Premium Content industries as well as the Government sector. Follow us on Twitter @Riscure and LinkedIn.

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