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Riscure is now an accredited CCC Digital Key Applet Compliance Lab

Author: Riscure Team

Riscure has become a trusted Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key applet compliance lab. The CCC Digital Key program focuses on creating secure digital key solutions for the automotive industry that safeguard the privacy and security of users.

Security and privacy are at the core of the CCC Digital Key Specification, which is achieved by using state-of-the-art public key protocols, hardware-based key storage, and radio standards to authorize user access in proximity of the key with the vehicle. Furthermore, the architecture scales smoothly to the world’s mobility without placing an extra burden on backend services.

The mobile device and vehicle mutually authenticate for hands-free access, and the vehicle verifies that the mobile device’s CCC Digital Key authorizes the requested operation. By utilizing ultra-wideband (UWB) radio time-of-flight measurement, the vehicle is protected against relay attacks, which involves signal amplification to trick the vehicle into thinking that the mobile device is nearby. This added layer of protection is referred to as ‘secure ranging.’

The CCC Digital Key system prioritizes user experience with security in mind, and seamless key provisioning is a vital component of this. It’s often the first interaction a vehicle owner has with the CCC Digital Key system, thus making the enrollment process user-friendly and intuitive is important. Any smartphone meeting the technology and security requirements can be paired with a similarly equipped vehicle. Each vehicle can have one ‘owner’ device, but multiple CCC Digital Keys can be associated with it on ‘friend devices,’ making it ideal for sharing, car rentals, and various business applications.

Pascal van Gimst, VP of Sales and Business Development at Riscure, commented: “In today’s age, when connectivity and convenience are paramount, we are faced with increasing demands for security. From secure sharing and access management to customized user experiences, the CCC Digital Key certification program unlocks a wide variety of use cases for smart vehicle vendors and consumers. At Riscure we are committed to delivering time- and cost-efficient security evaluations for our customers to help them achieve successful certification. An accreditation for the CCC Digital Key program further expands our extensive portfolio of security services for the automotive industry.”

Learn more about the features and specifics of the CCC Digital Key program on their official website.

Riscure is your partner to get your Digital Key applet CCC certified. We support our customers by conducting security evaluations against the certification guidelines as well as managing the project’s execution to best meet your business’ needs. Contact us for more information – send an email to inforequest@riscure.com.

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