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Riscure is accredited by EMV as SBMP Evaluation Lab

Riscure has been recognized by the EMVCo consortium as a Full Software-Based Mobile Payments (SBMP) security evaluation lab. Solutions that utilize the Software-Based Mobile Payments technology aim to enable secure EMV transactions using ‘untrusted’ devices like smartphones without TEE and Secure Element support. As smartphones play an increasingly important role in today’s payment reality, a secure execution of a payment by a consumer or payment processing by a merchant is required. Riscure, as the recognized expert and leading security lab for Mobile Security, worked together with EMVCo to define the security requirements and evaluation processes. As a recognized lab, Riscure now offers SBMP evaluation along with other EMVco certification and evaluation services to its customers.

Software-Based Mobile Payments enable EMV transactions using devices like smartphones without TEE and Secure Element support. As the secure element is emulated in software, the requirements for robustness on the software components increase in order to protect all the assets and enable secure payments. Therefore, such solutions usually need a whole spectrum of countermeasures including white box cryptography, obfuscation, device binding and more.

Mobile Payment solutions can be purely software-based or utilize a combination of secure software and hardware. Over the course of dozens of security evaluation projects and formal certifications, Riscure has accumulated knowledge in Payment domain for all kinds of payment solutions. Riscure is also recognized as the thought leader in the domain of software-based mobile payment thanks to regular in-depth evaluations of software-based payment applications as well as TEE solutions.

Riscure is accredited by EMVCo as a Full SBMP lab. Prior to its recognition for SBMP, Riscure already been trusted partner and EMVCo recognized lab to perform assessments for smart cards solutions (ICC, Platforms, and ICs). Additionally, Riscure provides security evaluations of HCE solutions as a part of the approval process with various payment schemes such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bancontact, EMVco, Cartes Bancaires, and others. As a one-stop shop, Riscure covers all relevant technologies mandated by schemes for HCE Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Mobile Payment Applications (MPAs).

If you are interested in evaluating your payment solution with Riscure, feel free to get in touch with us via