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Riscure contributes to the European EXFILES Project

Author: Riscure Team

Riscure has successfully contributed to the EXFILES project, a joint initiative by the European Union government institutions, universities and security vendors to advance the knowledge of cryptography in mobile devices. The EXFILES project focused on the research and development of new tools to extract data from encrypted mobile phones, specifically the ones used to conduct criminal activity. The project also explored the ethical and legal aspects of research, exploitation, dissemination and training activities for the next generation of forensic experts.

As a project partner in EXFILES, Riscure supplied equipment, training, and developed generic tooling that is beneficial when using side-channel analysis and fault injection in a black-box testing environment. The results of research involving Riscure and other participants are available publicly. This lengthy effort started back in 2020 and is expected to conclude in October 2023.

Further details about this project are available in this video:

EXFILES H2020 – Impact Video from Technikon on Vimeo.

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