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Riscure Congratulates Guardsquare on Acquiring EMVCo SBMP Certification for Mobile Application Security Offering

As the leading mobile security laboratory, Riscure is honored to be the lab of choice for Guardsquare to perform the EMVCo Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) Security Evaluation of Dexguard. We congratulate the Guardsquare team on achieving the EMVCo SBMP certification and meeting the EMVCo SBMP security requirements with their software protection tool.

Over the past decade, Riscure has built a rapport among software protection tool providers by offering expert technical testing services of static and dynamic code protection tools. The in-depth feedback provided by Riscure to the industry continues to enable many of the software protection tool providers to further harden the security robustness of their solutions. This directly benefits all app developers who use these tools to secure mobile solutions in the payment- and other industries.

During the collaboration with Guardsquare, Riscure security experts evaluated the capabilities of Dexguard, including the ObfuscationRoot DetectionAnti-Instrumentation & Tamper Detection, and Anti-Emulation techniques. The achievement of the EMVCo SBMP certification illustrates that during the evaluation process, Dexguard proved to be robust against expert-level attacks.

“The EMVCo SBMP certification of Dexguard is the industry validation that Dexguard is fit for purpose and enables app developers to protect their apps against relevant security threats and attackers when developing and securing mobile payment, tap-to-phone, SPoC, CPoC, or any sort of mobile application.” – Tim Hartog, Director Mobile Payment at Riscure.

Partnering with Riscure on this testing was a great way to further validate our already proven mobile application security technology. So many of our customers are leveraging mobile applications for important use cases such as payments, e-commerce, and other transaction activities,” said Ryan Lloyd, Chief Product Officer at GuardSquare.

About Riscure

Since 2007, Riscure has pioneered in assessing the security of mobile solutions and mobile security technology with a current extensive track record of 200+ security evaluations of Mobile Payment and Mobile POS solutions, 25+ OEM Pays with multiple smartphone vendors (OEMs), 25+ Mobile Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and 50+ Mobile Software Security Solutions including obfuscation, white-box cryptography, and biometric solutions.

Riscure’s expertise is well recognized by the industry and has many accreditations, among which are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, EMVCo, PCI, GlobalPlatform, Common Criteria certification body accreditation, ARM PSA, SESIP, Nagra, Irdeto, Verimatrix, and Synamedia, to perform security assessments of a wide variety of solutions.

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About Guardsquare

Guardsquare offers the most complete approach to mobile application security on the market. Built on the open-source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare’s software integrates seamlessly across the development cycle. From app security testing to code hardening to real-time visibility into the threat landscape, Guardsquare solutions provide enhanced mobile application security from early in the development process through publication. More than 700 customers worldwide across all major industries rely on Guardsquare to help them identify security risks and protect their mobile applications against reverse engineering and tampering.  Follow us on Twitter @Guardsquare and LinkedIn.

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