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Riscure Announces Strategic Partnership with EndoSec, LLC.

This strategic partnership aims to provide cutting-edge Security Testing Tools to the U.S. Government and DoD.

Riscure is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with EndoSec, LLC. with the goal of increasing the accessibility of Riscure’s industry leading security test tools to the U.S. Government, specifically to agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD) and defense contractors.

“The partnership with Endosec will allow us to further expand the use of Inspector security testing tools in US Government programs”, said Maarten Bron, Managing Director of Riscure in North America. “Endosec has a strong track record in working with the US Government and DoD, and we are therefore very excited with this partnership.”

EndoSec, LLC. is set to serve as the reseller for all of Riscure’s tools within the US government and defense spaces. This alliance signifies a proactive effort to strengthen the security posture of government entities, addressing the persistent challenges they encounter in safeguarding their assets and sensitive information.

“EndoSec is very excited to be selected as the exclusive reseller of Riscure products and services to the US Government and DoD,” said Robert Moriarty, President of EndoSec, LLC. “EndoSec’s focus on securing US Gov/DoD technology along with Riscure’s market leading test equipment and software analysis for side channel and fault injection provides our customers with the confidence required to secure their deployed systems and products.”

About EndoSec LLC:

EndoSec LLC was founded in 2013 by security professionals with over 100 years of combined experience supplying products and services to the Aerospace and Defense industry. EndoSec specializes in products for hardware/software security and cryptography. EndoSec is a 100% US owned and operated company and a Veteran Owned Small Business.

About Riscure:

Founded in 2001, Riscure is a global software and hardware security lab, specializing in connected and IoT devices. Riscure is also the leading manufacturer of Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection test equipment. Riscure provides Services, Tools and Training to help customers around the world enhance protection of their solutions and speed up the process of secure development and certification. Riscure serves Semiconductor, Mobile and Electronic Payment, Automotive and Premium Content industries as well as the Government sector.

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