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Riscure announces a dedicated security evaluation program for Network Operators

Security is an essential component of the development of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

Unlike servers and backend infrastructures, the device/STB/SmartTV network and device security are often not fully tested to ensure robust security. This might lead not only to breach in the device itself but also to elevated privilege access to the backend through these devices. Network Providers are not only responsible for the security of their products, but also the personal data of their customers. That is why it is especially important to consider not only the general attacker profile but the potential security breaches and costs that may occur through the weakened data of the customers CPE.

To address this challenge, Riscure now offers a dedicated security evaluation service of the network provider’s devices issued to customers. Riscure has over 15 years of experience in testing and providing device security including the 500+ Network CPE, STB, and TV evaluations. We are also the market leader in content protection, proven by the trusted partnerships with all SoC vendors and CA/DRM vendors.

The primary focus of this offer is penetration testing of the device – a technique that allows a provider to get a clear understanding of the security robustness state. The result of such evaluation is the detailed report that allows Operators to understand the potential risks of using a device in the field, compare different solutions and add visibility to their overall security strategies.

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