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RHme3 is completed

We would like to congratulate the winners.

We would like to congratulate the winners:

  • Team flagsofthewild scored 5353 points and solved 18 challenges
  • Team SOS1 scored 4853 points and solved 17 challenges
  • Team cloakware scored 4353 points and solved 16 challenges

Here’s the Top 10 scoreboard:

Fun facts
Out of 19 challenges published during the main phase of the CTF, 18 were solved by at least one team. The Lockdown from the Fault Injection category, which was not the most ‘valuable’ (in points) challenge was not solved by anyone. The ‘easiest’ challenge was Ransom from Reverse Engineering category, solved by 76 teams or individuals. The most ‘expensive’ challenge, the Climate Controller Catastrophe, was solved by 13 teams. The ‘easiest’ hardware challenge from the Side Channel Analysis category, known as ‘It’s a kind of magic’ was solved only by 14 teams. 96 individuals or teams solved at least one challenge in the main phase, out of ~500 people who passed the qualifications.

What’s next
RHme3 lives on! We will soon reopen the challenge descriptions and binaries so you can continue playing with the challenges. Feel free to post write-ups. Please share them with us via Telegram or by mentioning @Riscure on Twitter. Stay tuned for one extra announcement soon, and, who knows, maybe in the future we will drop a new challenge or two (but not guaranteed). See you at RHme4!

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